Nepalese taken to Lebanon showing the dream of America

Posted 11 months ago by Rabindra Ojha

Many Nepali females are deceived with the attractive salary and the dream of America but taken to Lebanon from where they are ready to return to Nepal even after paying charges to the immigration department.

The female Nepalese workers arriving Lebanon don’t easily get the job opportunities instead they are forced to tolerate extreme torture. Nepali embassy at Egypt which also manages the Lebanon says, it is very difficult for the Nepalese to return home who reach there through illegal routes. Only paying extra charges is not enough, they have to face a disgraceful paperwork along with high charges. An official of the embassy said, it is neither suitable for Nepalese female workers to work in Lebanon nor returning from there is easier.

Deceiving the Nepalese and taking them to Lebanon cannot be controlled unless those behind this are punished, Nepali ambassador for Egypt, Jhavindra Aryal said. He also has requested to the government to raise awareness based on the statements and complains by the victims who were taken there by deception. In the past three months, 17 Nepalese women were rescued from Lebanon and 6 other women staying there illegally were also sent back on Sunday, embassy said.

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