8 years of imprisonment to Sunmaya for the murder of Gorkha Soldier

Posted 2 years ago by Rabindra Ojha

Central criminal court at the Old Bailey of Britain has ordered 8 years imprisonment sentence to Sunmaya Tamang for the murder of ex- Gorkha soldier.

The police said, Tamang, 51, an inhabitant of Victoria road, Aldershot of Britain murdered Man Limbu, 57 last year using a muffler. After the incident Tamang went to Limbu’s home and threatened his wife. According to Hampshire police, Limbu was found unconscious on 2017 March 10 at his flat of Victoria road at around 5 pm. He was confirmed dead as soon as the police and the ambulance arrived there. After he fell down on the floor, Sunmaya dragged him to the kitchen and kept a plastic bag below his head so that the blood doesn’t fall on the carpet, Old Belly said.

After doing all this she reached Limbu’s house and threatened his wife Gayatri Devi, 48 is she did any kind of debates wither her. After the hearing at the Winchester Crown Court, Sunmaya was announced the criminal for the alleged murder of Limbu. Tamang in a paper has written in Nepali language that this person came to her house, knocked the door and attacked her so she took this step for self defence and that her children are innocence of this incident. Tamang’s children have told that they found the body of Limbu in the kitchen of their house.

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