Another Guinness World Record Break by Karate Player Ujjwal S.Thakuri

Posted 2 years ago by Adarsha Devkota

Mr. Thakuri, one of the top International karate player 5th dan Godan from USA, who has previously been awarded with Guinness World Record title sets another record for the greatest weight lifted in a Van Dam lift in 64.63 kg (142.48 lbs.) weight. Mr. Thakuri received this new record from Guinness World Records on March 2, 2018. He attempted this new record in Toledo, Ohio on November 4, 2017.

Mr. Thakuri received his first Guinness World Record on September 23, 2017 for the greatest weight lifted in a Van Dam lift in 63.49 Kg (139.97 lbs.) weight. Guinness World Record provides superlative awards in the highest achievement that are best in the world.

Mr. Thakuri created a unique form of martial art in Van Dam style weight lift, Van Dam Style (Tensho Kata form) and Van Dam style wood breaking. He also received international awards in all of his three unique form of martial arts including two Guinness World Record Titles Van dam style weight lift, , World Championship Belt 2017 in Van dam style weight lift, Ameri- Kick International Gold Cup 2017 in Van Dam style Tensho (Kata Form) World Title Belt 2016 in Van dam style wood breaking and two National gold medals 2016 in Tensho (Kata Form). Mr. Thakuri also holds a black belt 5th  Dan Godan in the art of American Marine GOJU Karate, USA.

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