India builds four bridges on the Mahakali river without the agreement with Nepal

Posted 10 months ago by Rabindra Ojha

The Indian side has constructed four wooden bridges on the Mahakali river without any agreement with Nepal.

Few months earlier, India had dispatched the letter of agreement to the district administration office of Darchula and without providing the time for consideration to the Nepali side, India constructed the bridges showing its invasion policy. The Indian side has built the wooden bridges at Najang Khola, Lakhanur, Dopakhe and Kauthala of Budi located at the border of three countries. Local people said that the temporary bridges are constructed to ease the travelling back and forth from the Mahakali river.

Presently the workers deployed by India for the construction of roads are using the bridge. India is working in opening the track to construct the road up to Kalapani.

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