Dhangadhi Premiere League (DPL) auction today

Posted 10 months ago by Rabindra Ojha

The auction of the Dhangadhi Premiere League cricket organized by Dhangadhi cricket Academy is being conducted today (Wednesday) in Kathmandu.

In the tournament, six teams are competing where more than 200 players will be auctioned, the organizers told. Among them the teams will be allowed to select 72 players. Each of the team is also allowed to select two of the foreign players. The players are categorized in four categories for the auction. The players of category ‘A’ must have an experience of at least 15 matches for the national team or should have played for three years.  In the category ‘B’ the remaining players, selected for the camp and should have played U-19 matches for Nepal. In the ‘C’ category the player with no experience of international matches are placed and in category ‘D’ a player from far western region is nominated.

The price of the players in category ‘A’ is from one lakh to one lakh 50 thousand, those in category ‘B’ is 50 thousand to one lakh. Similarly the category ‘C’ players can be bought from 25 thousand to 50 thousand and those in category ‘D’ for 20 thousand to 40 thousand. The franchise teams can spend up to 11 lakh for 12 players.

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