Nepali worker in Malaysia compelled to work in spite of broken leg

Posted 1 year ago by Rabindra Ojha

A Nepali worker in Malaysia is forced to join work with a fractured leg.

Roshan BK, 27 of Sakela village council, Khotang migrated to Malaysia seeking foreign employment and is compelled to work before the relief of his leg. The mini wood company where he is working tells to work if he needs money, says BK. After returning from Saudi Arabia, BK again went to Malaysia from Link star manpower 6 months earlier. Working as a painter, he fractured his leg while working. The company took him to hospital and shortly after returning from the hospital, he was forced to work instead of allowing him to take rest.

After his injury, he asked the Link manpower to return home but the company ignored his call and asked for 500 Ringgit for his VISA. When he requested the mini wood company, it told him to consult his agent company, Roshan said. Roshan has filed a case against the manpower company for fraud.

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