Prosperity for Nepal awards ceremony held in Kathmandu

Posted 1 year ago by Rabindra Ojha

Prosperity for Nepal awards was conducted by ‘the way to happiness foundation’ of America at Lazimpat of Kathmandu.

The program conducted in cooperation with the life association of Italy, friendship society of Nepal with the objective of enhancing the life style of the students through encouragement in the practical values of life and promoting the cultural norms of Nepal. The program was initiated by American activist L. Ron Hubbard and today has been actively conducting such programs in more than 170 countries around the world.

The program was conducted with Mahesh Kunwar, the president of Humanitarian society of Nepal as the chairman while former education and health minister Arjun Narsingh KC was the chief guest as well as spokesperson of education ministry, Dr. Hari Lamsal was special guest. The international personalities like Angelo Giannini of Life Association Italy and the founder and trainer of this program, Rocco Lagana were also present.

Briefing about the objective, the chairperson of the program, Mr. Mahesh Kunwar said that the program is an initiative to improve the moral behavior of the students towards the disciplinary, leadership ability and cultural understandings and goodwill. The contest will be held throughout 2018 and the best school will be awarded, Professor Angelo Giannini told. The participants will have to select a topic of the given 21 perspectives of positivity of life and the participants are to create a video of maximum length of 5 minutes, few photographs and a letter of significance towards their approach from the local authorities.

Dr. Nakul Baniya, the vice secretary of the education ministry, speaking at the program said that this program will be milestone in achieving a moralized society through the active participation of the students in those 21 perspectives of life. Another speaker at the program, Mr. Rocco said, if the students are not taught about the best value respects of Nepal, sooner Nepalese society will emerge as a western society and ultimately will be a looser.

Previously the program was conducted in Chitwan on 13th of Magh and the program will be given continuity all over Nepal for excelling the students’ ability in their life.


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