Nepali committed suicide after murdering his girlfriend in Australia

Posted 3 years ago by Rabindra Ojha

A Nepali committed suicide in Sydney, Australia after murdering his girlfriend.

According to Daily mail news, Cocaine addict Brazil Gurung, 33 murdered his British girlfriend Amalia Blake, 22 and committed suicide on Friday. They both had been at a same restaurant in Sydney and he left working at the restaurant shortly after Blake did leave the restaurant.  Cocaine addicted Brazil started behaving strangely and falling short of money, he murdered his girlfriend and committed suicide, his colleagues said. Brazil was tensed due to his loan. Citing his friends’, daily mail told that Brazil was always seeking for economic assistance and his friends felt that he was in some kind to trouble.

They were found dead at their own flat in New town. According to the neighbours, screaming of a girl was heard at around 5 P.M on Friday and police believe that Brazil murdered her. According to daily mail, injuries were seen on the body and head of Blake. Police think that she was murdered because Brazil thought she was returning back to Britain after deceiving him.

New South Wales police Inspector Chad Digenarsh described this incident was murder suicide. It will be proved only after the post mortem reports, he added.

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