11 Nepalese in British prisons

Posted 11 months ago by Rabindra Ojha

According to the data provided by the Home Ministry of Britain to Nepalese Embassy at London, 11 Nepalese are in the British prisons.

According to chief of the embassy, Sharad Raj Aaran, in the past, 24 Nepalese were in the British prisons and now there are 11. The imprisoned have been charged with criminal activities like robbery, drugs trafficking, illegal works and migration and other crimes says Aaran. He also stated that the number of Nepalese arrested for expired VISAs and still living there is increasing.  According to data protection act, detailed information on the persons cannot be provided so the exact details of Nepalese are unknown, says the Embassy.

Few time ago, Chaman Shrestha was sentenced for Two years and Eight months of imprisonment for involvement in drugs business by the Raiding Crown Court, Britain. There is a provision of 6 months imprisonment in the British law if found to be involved in the illegal works without authority. Also the employer may be compelled to pay 20 thousand pounds per person. There is also the provision of around 5 years imprisonment and fine to those providing house on rent  to the people staying there illegally.

The authorities have been saying that there are around 10 Lakh emigrants living illegally in Britain. The analysis by the Home Office in 2001 showed 4 Lakh 30 thousand illegal emigrants but now the number has increased more than two folds. The government had urged the UK bank and Building society to check about 70 million accounts as a part of taking the illegal emigrants into custody from this January. The government has planned to check the accounts every three months and through these efforts, the government believes around 6 thousand illegal emigrants, rejected refugee applicants or others involved in criminal activities can be deported to their home land in the very first year.

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