Krishna Sharma appointed as the language expert of White House

Posted 3 years ago by Rabindra Ojha

The office of the American president has appointed Krishna Sharma as the language expert. With this appointment, he became the first American of Nepali origin to receive the opportunity of working at the White House.

Asked about this appointment, Sharma told that he was appointed as the language expert and also said that providing further information on this is not possible. When asked by his family members, he said that this appointment is only as a staff and not a political appointment. He also said that even he is unknown about more of this.

Sharma had maintained a good and free character among the Nepalese in the one and half years and he also had stopped the television program named ‘Ameriki Sambad’ jointly run by him and his daughter Sukriti Sharma. In Nepal, Sharma had worked as vice editor in the rising Nepal for seven years and after migrating to USA, he worked with ‘The Washington Post’ for nearly six years. After this he worked at the Justice department of Washington D.C. as the language expert for around five years. Sharma was the former president of Nepal America Journalist’s Association (NEAJA).

In 2015 AD, he established Navadurga Nepali School at Durga Temple located in Fair-fax Station in Virginia. In the starting days, the children were jointly taught by Sharma and his wife along with other guardians.  Presently another teacher Hari Krishna Pudashaini teaches the children about Nepali Language and Culture on every Sunday morning.

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