Nepalese in USA celebrating ‘Thanks giving day’

Posted 3 years ago by Rabindra Ojha

The count of Nepalese in USA has been increasing on Algebraic basis since the 90’s. After celebrating other festivals, the Nepalese observed the American festival ‘Thanks giving day’ with great joys and happiness, this process is getting continuity.

On this day, along with other tasty dishes, turkey is a must.  Thanks giving day is one of the major festivals celebrated by the Christians. This day is observed on fourth Thursday of November in USA and on second Monday in Canada.

On this day all the government offices are closed and most of the employees get holiday. The festival has been observed since 1621 and it is celebrated in USA, Canada, Liberia, St. Lucia, Norfolk Island of Australia as well as Leiden of Netherlands. This is celebrated to share happiness of crops production and the celebrations began to thank the gods for this.

Next day of this festival is observed as black day in USA and on this day most of the shopkeepers sell the goods in very cheap price while this day is also most busy day for the shopkeepers as the maximum sells happen.

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