British Gurkhas finally graduated after 39 weeks tough training

Posted 12 months ago by Rabindra Ojha

The Catterick Infantry Training Centre of Britain was crowded by British Gurkhas and their family members on Thursday. This is the historic moment for the 290 Gurkhas selected from around five thousand contestants to participate in the British Army. They graduated after a tough training of 39 weeks. Their Parade in the Hales Barrack Parade Square was very interesting.

The Gurkhas managing their way from the rural villages of Nepal to the Catterick Garrision learnt various things along with English language. Many hadn’t been on a flight previously. They were seen glad to have achieved another step towards their life.

In fact the Gurkhas have placed the recognition of Nepal and Nepalese all over the world, Nepalese ambassador for Britain, Dr. Durga Bahadur Subedi said, Gurkhas are the matter of pride for all of us. They have deepened the relationship of Nepal and the British.

Infantry training centre has been training two thousand persons yearly. It started the training from 1st May 1995 taking permission from the Army Infantry Training Battalion. The gurkhas have been recruited in the British army since 1815.


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