A huge discount on service fees by Western Union for Nepalese residing  in Japan

Posted 12 months ago by Adarsha Devkota


Western Union money transfer is providing huge discount on service fees for Nepalese who want to send money from Japan to Nepal.

Western union’s official partner New itventure said that they will be  providing the service on 50% cutoff than before.

New IT Venture Corporation, which has been serving remittances worldwide from Japan in collaboration with the Western Union Money Transfer  has  publicly declared that the new service fee will be applied by this week.

In the new service system, if someone wants to send 10000 yen then they will be charged only 490 yen. Before, they used to charge 990 yen. Likely, for 50000 yen, it will be charged 750 yen, 1000 yen for 1 lakhs and 1500 yen for 2 lakhs and 50 thousand.

The new itventure, which aims to provide service to south Asia and other  foreigner’s has said that the service will be provided from their office located in Shinokuwo, Tokyo and Kachusikaku.

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