Main ritual of Chhath festival begins tomorrow

Posted 1 year ago by Adarsha Devkota

The main ritual of the four-day Chhath festival, a religious and cultural festival of worshipping and offering homage to the nature and the sun god, begins from tomorrow.

The festival starts on Kattik Shukla Chaturthi or the fourth day of the waning moon in the Nepali month of Kattik as per the lunar calendar.

As part of the main rituals of the festival, what is called the ‘arawa-arawaen’ ritual is observed on the first day tomorrow. This ritual is also called the ‘nahaya-khaya’. The second day’s ritual is called ‘kharana’. The third day ritual is observed by making offerings and praying to the setting sun while the Chhath festival is concluded the next day by making offerings and paying homage to the rising sun.

There is a belief that a person is blessed with health, happiness, prosperity and offspring by praying and making offerings to the sun god during the Chhath festival. It is also believed that taking holy dips in rivers, lakes and ponds during the Chhath also cures skin diseases.

The sun is also revered by the Hindus as the primordial god.

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