Two candidacy from Malaysia for NRNA

Posted 11 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

Two Nepalese working in Malaysia has announced about their candidacy for NRNA. Bhawani Shankar Tiwari and Ramesh Prasad Tiwari said that they will give their candidacy for the post of Asia Regional Coordinator and co-coordinator.

They announced their candidacy for the NRNA world conference which is going to be held in Nepal on October 14-17. 110 Nepalese from Malaysia are attending the conference.

They said that as Malaysia is a major destination for foreign employment, we gave our candidacy to fight for the rights of Nepalese employeers and for the Economic development by integrating small capitals .

They also said that they are expecting support and coordination from all peoples there and are ready for the leadership of Asia Pacific region.

This is the first candidacy for Asia Pacific regional coordinator from Malaysia. In the Association’s central committee, there are only members elected from Malaysia.

In the program organized by association in Malaysia, Tiwari announced his candidacy and got the best wishes for the victory by association’s advisor Hari Bhattarai, ICC member Bishwo Bikram Rai, Chairman Khagendra Neupane and other members.

According to the association, there are around 12000 members in Malaysia by which 110 are attending the convention.

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