Triangular competition for NRNA president election

Posted 11 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

Triangular competition is confirmed for the upcoming president of Non Residential Nepalese Association (NRNA).

Previously, competition was viewed between vice president Bhawan Bhatta and advisor TB Karki but now Jamuna Ghale also has stepped forward in the competition.

Jamuna Ghale has declared her candidacy for president on Thursday from Kathmandu. She was in a dilemma whether to be a candidate or not but after the meet with the representatives from different countries, to fulfil the dreams of NRNA president Shesh Ghale and her husband, she made confirmation to be the candidate for the position of the president of NRNA.

Ghale proposed vision twenty twenty and biyod and mixed reviews are coming on this proposal. She said, “After high pressure to be a candidate to carry this vision forward, she was ready to be the candidate.”

The world conference of NRNA is taking place at Kathmandu on Ashoj 28 to 31. All the necessary preparations for the conference are completed. Nearly 2500 representatives from 78 countries of the world are participating in the conference.

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