Saptari flood victims get support from US-based Nepalese

Posted 3 years ago by Adarsha Devkota

Relief materials bought from the money send by Nepali nationals living in the United States of America have been distributed to the flood-affected single women at Tilathi Koiladi in Saptari district.

Nepali and Indian nationals living in the US collected the money and remitted it to Nepal for buying various relief materials and distributing them to the flood affected single women at Tilathi Koiladi.

The relief materials were handed over to 255 single women in the area, coordinator of Saksham Foundation Nepal, Sujit Singh, said. Each single woman was given 30 kilogrammes rice, two kilogrammes lentils, one packet of salt, two bars of bathing and washing soap each and one bucket.

Similarly, four tube-wells have also been distributed for drawing up underground water for drinking purposes in the village. The family of one Hareram Singh was provided with Rs 10 thousand cash as his house was completely damaged by the massive flooding that occurred in the eastern Tarai during the last week of August.

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