NRNA Day observed by praying at Pashupatinath and Swayambhunath Temple

Posted 11 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

Non-Residential Nepalese Association (NRNA) has been celebrating October 11 as NRNA day but this year it is celebrated with different programs.

The functionaries as well as the members of NRNA gathered in Kathmandu worshipped at Swoyambhunath on Wednesday morning and later at Pashupatinath. Government also has been celebrating October 11 as NRNA day.

The enterpreneurs established abroad Upendra Mahato, Bhim Udas, Ram Thapa and others established this organization in 2003 to contribute to their country Nepal.

With the completion of 15 years, elections will begin after the celebration of NRNA day. The elections have already touched the NRNA leaders. In the span of nearly one and a half decades, the NRNA campaign has become huge and also its fields also have been expanded. NRN campaign has been extended in 77 countries.

NRN also is legalised by Nepal government. Similarly the provision of NRN citizenship for Non Residential Nepalese is included in the constitution. Only the acts are to be formulated. In this period, the NRNs also have contributed millions in financial sectors.

Due to globalization of network, all are getting assistance from each other. Under social sector, aid to Earthquake and flood victims, construction of hospitals in various places as well as foreign employment fund has been established for those going for foreign employment by NRNA.

In spite of these efforts, the actions have not been performed as promised. They have blamed the government for not making appropriate environment for this. They have promised to promote finance and skill but the image of NRN is not so good because of the mentality of not delivering what they have spoken.

In the past few years, Nepalese political selfishness has also influenced NRNA. In this scenario, it is important to move forward in the path of co-ocdination and economic development of the nation as well as to follow the main objective of NRNA. RSS

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