Influence of casteism in NRNA elections

Posted 11 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

The Non Residential Nepalese Association (NRNA) is in the path of electing new leadership of non residential nepalese living in different countries across the globe. The NRNs are returning to Kathmandu to support their favourite candidate as the leaders of Nepalese living in more than 70 countries.

Staying in various star hotels of Kathmandu, the NRNs are making strategies for achieving the leadership. The organization established in 2004 for Nepal and Nepalese was affected by politics but now casteism issue has also managed to get importance in this organization. Also regional influence for supporting the candidates of other continents or not is also prevailing.

In the past it was the incolvement of political parties was transparently seen but now casteism has also begun in this organization. Also for the leadership of the organization, the consition of spending millions is observed.only ability, capacity as well as will for doing something for Nepal are not the basic qualities for being the leader of the NRNs. To win the election, political and ethnic support as well as ablilty to spend milions is necessary.

Thus to be elected as the leader of NRNA, besides ability and patriotism, there are three fundamental factors. The strongest factor is monetary value. The candidates are bound to spend money to get the voters to Kathmandu as well as bear all of their expenses including registration charge.

Another aspect is politics. Every member is a supporter of a particular political party. In this scenario, political support is highly meaningful for selection of leadership. Just as in Nepal, Congress is first, UML is second and Maoist centre is the third largest organization in abroad as well.

Recently seen casteism is the third and the most valuable factor that determines the result of the election. Including Britain, in whole of European NRN, intercast competition is the determining factor for the electoral results.
Vice chairman Bhawan Bhatta and T.B. Karki have already announced candidacy and Bhatta is supported by another Vice Chairman Kumar Pant.

But on the other hand, chairman Shesh Ghale’s wife Jamuna Gurung is planning for candidacy. If the conditions of leadership are in her favour, she is confirmed to be the candidate for chairman of NRNA.

Jamuna Gurung is seeking to take the advantage of casteism because European as well as american representatives including former chairman Hirachan, Protector Dil Gurung, American co-ordinator Sonam Lama are supporting her.
The election for NRNA lerdership is scheduled for October 16 and the results will be flashed shortly after the election and to observe the effect of casteism and other factors, we have to wait until the results are out.

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