Nepalese living in Japan provided financial assistance to two kidney patients

Posted 12 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

Nepalese living in Japan have collected money in aid of two kidney patients who were in economic crisis.

The Nepali diaspora here have collected 517,650 Japanese Yen and remitted the amount to Nepal to be provided to singer and music composer Purna Gurung and Mitra Lal Bhusal, who have been hospitalized due to kidney problem and are unable to meet the expenses for their medical treatment due to poor economic condition.

Gurung is from Pokhara and Bhusal from Paundi Amrai Arewa, Gulmi.

An organization of the Gurung people in Japan – Tamu Dhi, Japan – provided 378,905 Japanese Yen in aid of Gurung. The amount was collected from different organizations in Japan and the Tamu Dhi, Japan also contributed some amount to them.

The Paundi Society, Japan also provided 138,745 Japanese Yen for meeting the medical expenses of Bhusal.

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