Attempts on to make a single communist party, Home Minister says

Posted 12 months ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Attempts on to make a single communist party, Home Minister says

Home Minister and CPN (Maoist Centre) leader Janardan Sharma has said that beginning of the leftist parties’ unification process has been initiated as more parties were not needed for the country’s development and progress.

Inaugurating the beginning of East Rukum District in Rukumkot on Thursday, Sharma argued that country would move towards development and progress as democratic alliance has also been initiated due to unity of the communist parties.

“Both the UML and Maoist have waged armed struggles. Jhapa Movement was waged by the current UML leaders while we waged People’s War. Theoretical and ideological bases of both the parties tend to become similar while coming to this point from People’s War, People’s Movement and drafting of new constitution,”Sharma added.
He said that efforts were on to make a single communist party by uniting the communist movement.

Sharma clarified that Maoist Chairman and UML Chairman have realized the necessity of each other as well as accepted the existence of each other to ensure political stability and economic prosperity in the country as well as successfully implement the constitution.

Sharma said that the chairs of both the Maoist and UML would be the main leaders after the unification process.
On a different note, Sharma said that the East Rukum carries a great importance on tourism and also will have one of the 10 proposed best cities of the country.

During the programme, the District Administration Office, District Police Office and office of the National Investigation Department were inaugurated.

It is said that other government offices would be established soon.

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