Nepal police doesn’t take any action against the Rohingyas’ entering Nepal through Indian route (with video)

Posted 10 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

The atrocity against the Rohingyas’ in the country of Nobel Peace Prize winner as well as the country with more than 80% followers of peace herald, Gautam Buddha is really a disgusting scenario.

Being unable to tolerate this torture they are forced to enter Nepal also. Not only now, but from the past five years, they have been living in Kathmandu.

More than 500 minorities Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar are living as refugees in Nepal. They have been staying in Kapan of Kathmandu for the past five years. They are living in the temporary shelters made in sand mine in Kapan.

They have been displaced internally as well as externally due to atrocity of the soldiers in recent few months. Presently their count reaches around 500. Dozens of others are added in the recent days, according to the Rohingyas’ already living there.

They entered Nepal thinking that USA will take them as they took the Bhutanese refugees from Nepal. But the question arises, how did they get here? Trying to enter Nepal through Bangladesh, they were sent back by the Indian police and they entered Nepal using some other path, the refugees say.


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