Financial assistance from Japan to kidney victim singer Purna Gurung

Posted 1 year ago by Adarsha Devkota

National folk and dual song foundation Nepal Japan has provided financial assistance to Kidney victim Purna Gurung. He is a singer and arranger as well.

The foundation assisted 1 lakhs 25 thousand rupees to him as his both kidney got problem and was fighting with death in the hospital.

The foundation started “save Purna campaign” in September 10 on Tokyo .

Coordinator of foundation Yubraj Acharya appealed to everyone for help. Japan branch sent the collected money to foundation’s chairman Badri Pangane and he handovered it to victim Gurung.

Gurung was admitted to Teaching Hospital as his kidney which was transferred 9 years ago stopped working.

 According to hospital, Gurung’s kidney should be transplanted within 5,6 days which requires around 15-20 lakhs. Due to economic shortage, Gurung’s wife  Sumi Gurung asked for help.

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