“Bhagyale Bachekaharu’ win Best Documentary Award in USA

Posted 3 years ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

“Bhagyale Bachekaharu’ win Best Documentary Award in USA

‘Bhagyale Bachekaharu- Nepal Earthquake: Heroes, Survivors and Miracles’ a Nepali documentary featuring stories -of the survivors of 2015 Nepal Earthquake has yet again triumph an international award in the prestigious Marietta International Film Festival, USA.

In an Special Ceromany held last night at Marietta City of Georgia State in United States of America Executive Director of Marietta International Film Festival Dr. Richard Tavernaro has informed that ‘Bhagyale Bachekaharu’ won the ‘Best Documentary Award’under International category. 55 films from 14 countries were nominated in this award.

Honorary Nepali Tourism Representative Raja Ghale accepted the award on behalf of ‘Bhagyale Bachekaharu’team. ‘Bhagyale Bachekaharu’ was the only film that represented Nepal in this competition.

After its world premiere in 2015 Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF), the film, directed by Ganesh Panday, has been garnering acclaim in various international film festivals where it has received about a dozen awards.

“I am very honored to receive this award from USA as our film which has been recognized worldwide” said Panday ,’Our film has been successful in promoting Nepal Globally.”

“Bhagyale Bachekaharu’ win Best Documentary Award in USA

The 45-minute long documentary is a presentation of Shine Media Pvt. Ltd, Produced by Sharada Gaire. Shot by Binod Bista and edited by Kumar Shah, Josiah Willow Hooper, Sapana Shakya, background score by Googal Dangol and written by armed police Deepak Koirala.

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