Yogkumar Fagami elected as chairman of NRNA NCC UK

Posted 8 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

Yogkumar Fagami has been elected as chairman of Non Residential Nepali Association National Coordination Council (NRNA NCC) UK.

In the election for new leadership, Fagami won by getting 1298 votes. Another candidate for chairmansip Krishna Timalsina got 912 votes and Hiradhan Rai got only 560 votes.

Likewise, For the ICC member, Shanti Thapa  Kunwar got 1807 votes, Jayaprakash Gurung got 1241 votes and Kumari Gurung got 1161 votes .

Similarly, for the post of vice chairman, Punam Gurung got 1611 votes , Sherbahadur Sunar got 1433 votes, Dr. Prem Bahadur Ale got 1268 votes, Sushila Rai got 1209 votes , Lalitkumar Neupane got 1108 votes and Prem Gahamagar got 1049 votes .They all are elected for vicechairman.

Likely, Rajkumar tripathi won the post of general secretary by getting 1040 votes, Binay Adhikari won for co-general secretary, Taranath Bhandari as secretary, Sachin Shrestha as treasurer.

For the members, Ekraj Timsina, Ganga Bahadur Rana, Jit bahadur Rana, Devin THapa, Pawan Sharma, Pawan Rai, Bimala Limbu, Mukesh Rana and Homenath Poudel has been elected.

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