Bhumraj Gurung elected as chairman of NRNA Switzerland

Posted 10 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

Bhumiraj Gurung has  been elected as a chairman of NRNA NCC Switzerland.

The 5th convention which was concluded last Sunday has elected gurung as a chairman for the upcoming term. Gurung won by getting 1 hundred 56 votes whereas his competitor Sima Gautam got only 62 votes.

Likewise, in the election for ICC members, Ram Kumar Mahat won by getting 1 hundred and 16 votes and his competitor Dharma Gurung got 1 hundred and 2 votes only. Shukra Shrestha won for the post of general secretary by getting 1 hundred and 32 votes.

For the other post, officials were already selected without competition.Bijay Babu Acharya has been selected as a vice chairman, Shiva Subba as treasurer, Dipendra Rawat as secretary, Rajendra Bhandari as youth coordinator and Gopal Tamang as a member.

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