Dr. Poudel electedas chairman of NRNA America for second time

Posted 3 years ago by Adarsha Devkota

Keshab Poudel won the post of chairman of  Non Residential Nepali Association National Coordination Council (NRNA NCC) America for the second time by defeating other three competitors .As 5 people gave candidacy for the post of chairman few days ago, Gairi Joshi took back her candidacy and only 4 candidates including Dr. Keshab poudel were on the field. Poudel won by getting 46.7% of total votes.

The election was conducted on September 5 and 6 from 8 am through electric voting process. The election was concluded in September 6 11:59 pm. Dr. Poudel requested in the election promotion process to vote for him so that he can complete his incomplete works .

In the total votes of 14 thousand 5 hundred and 20, only 9 thousand 2 hundred and 82 votes were casted.

Likewise, Sunil Shah won the post of vice-chairman and Jedu Pokherel elected as vice-chairman of south region, Radha Poudel as vice-chairman of middle west region, Ram Kumar Subedi as vice-chairman of Northeast region nad Uma Karki Thapa has been elected as vice chairman of west region.

Similarly, Baburam Lama has been elected as general secretary, Hom Nath Gautam as secretary, Prakash Aryal as treasurer and Indira Tripathi as female coordinator.For the members of work committee, Amrit Kattel, Ang Gyalzen, Arun Banjade, Bindu Sapkota, Dibya Kc, Gopendra Bhattarai, Krishna Lamichhane, Priti Khatri, Sanjay Thapa, Trishna Sharma and Bishnu Bahadur Shah has been selected.

Likewise, Dilli Bhattarai, Bandana Koirala, Balaram Thapa, Bedraj Basnet, Bishnu Man Pradhan, Dharma Bhattarai, Goma Sen and Prakash Sapkota has been elected for the ICC members.

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