13 lakhs assistance to Mahabir Pun from Korea

Posted 10 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

Mahabir pun got 13 lakhs 91 thousand and 2 hundred rupees support from Korea. He brought up the ambitious plan of establishing National innovation center. The amount was sent by Nepalese youths working in Korea with independent nationalism and aware Nepal unity campaign.

The campaign started the money collection campaign after getting the news that there is lack of economy for establishing innovation center which can help the students who in the field of science and research.

The unity campaign has been able to collect that amoung by campaigning for one and half months. The collected amount was handed over to coordinator of campaign Sarwajit Shah.

Coordinator Shah thanked all the supporters for establishing innovation center which will give great contribution to development of Nation.

Nepalese working in Korea has been helping financially in other different fields as well.

Last time, they helped flood victims by sending 2 lakhs 10 thousand rupees and also helped Dhurmus Suntali Foundation for building Musahar settlement by sending 12 lakhs rupees..

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