NRNA America’s postponed election will be in September 5 and 6

Posted 3 years ago by Adarsha Devkota

NRNA America’s postponed election will be conducted in September 5(tuedsay ) and 6(Wednesday) .Election committee released the notice about election in September 1.

Election committee started their election process after candidate of chairman Gairi Joshi took back her case against NRNA for saying that she is not capable of candidacy.

 The Election Committee’s Coordinator Bandita Sharma Dahal said that “We received letter from court last Wednesday so we are trying to conduct election as soon as possible”.

In this election, voters can poll their votes online .NRNA America has around 15 thousand voters. More than 200 peoples have filled candidacy for NRNA America and Chapter. Some has been already selected in some chapters.

NRNA America have to complete their election till September 15 to attend the central general convention.

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