Suicides by Nepalese increasing in South Korea

Posted 10 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

As the attraction of youths of migrating to South Korea is growing day by day, the number of suicides by Nepalese is also increasing.

Foreign employment department, EPS Korea branch and Ankur Nepal jointly organized a program names as reason and solution of suicide by Nepalese working in Korea. They showed concern and grief about the committed suicide by Nepalese working in Korea.

Secretary of Ministry of labor and employment Laxmi Prasad Mainali said that Nepalese government will take necessary steps to reduce the incidents of suicide of Nepalese in Korea.

Korea’s human resource departments’s representative Kim Ki Ukjyu accepted about the suicides by Nepalese in Korea and said that it may be due to lack of  psychological checkups before departure. They only got physical checkups. He said that it might be that they didn’t notice and learn about lifestyle and works they are going to face and  which are totally different .

Foreign Employment Department EPS branch’s Nepali Director Baburam Khatiwada said that from 2008 to 1017 august, 138 Nepalese committed suicides in Korea.He said that 77 of them went Korea through EPS language test .According to him, this year 16 Nepalese died there and most of them committed suicide.

Anil Gurung, who worked as a labor coordinator on behalf of the Nepal government in Korea for four years .He said that in his working period, 140 Nepalese died and among them 36 committed suicide .

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