One Nepali died in Oman

Posted 10 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

One Nepali died in Oman.His name was Mohan Malla and went Oman for the foreign employment about 6 moths ago.He died on the last friday night.

Malla was a resident of Nepalgunj buspark baipass road and was just 24 years old. He went Oman through the Protect manpower and was working on Oman International Group(OLG) company.

On friday, it was his holiday. He hangout with his friends in the day and slept in the night after having dinner and on the next morning, when he was not waking up, his friends found him dead.They used to live in a camp of the company and about 14-15 Nepalese are living there. But he was kept with South Indians.

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