One Nepali girl rescued:Was sold on 3 lakhs in Kuwait

Posted 10 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

As the process of taking womens in the Kuwait as a domestic worker is stopped, agents are taking them in an illegal way and sell them in Kuwait.The latest example for this is Muna dangi.

Dubai police rescued her from Dubai airport by the help of one Nepali when they were preparing to take her to Kuwait.She reached Dubai in august 6 and was locked for 7 days in one room.

One Nepalese girl named Dipika bhandari asked about her when she was waiting on a board and they were about to take her to Kuwait through air Arabiya and informed it to the Police.She informed that the agent was taking her to Kuwait by forcing her.

Dipika talked to her because she was looking too much depressed and in serious condition.He cried alot when she started explaining about the situations.
Muna said to Dipika that “they locked me in room of ajman for one week and forced to send me to Kuwait.They sold me in 11 thousand diram(around 3 lakhs rupees) and my life is in danger.”

Dipika found Muna when she was travelling to Kuwait by her personal works.As muna explained her everything, she informed to the police of Dubai airport and they rescued her immediately.

NRNA UAE’s chairman Yagya Bahadur Karki was there to rescue her after the police took hger out from the board.He informed it to the Nepal Embassy .Muna returned to Nepal in last tuesday.

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