NRNA America’s members investigating committee established

Posted 3 years ago by Adarsha Devkota

NRNA NCC Ameria has concluded its important decisions in the conference.

The meeting was conducted by the chairman of association Keshab Poudel . They estabilished a committee with ex-chairman Khagendra Gc, advisor DR.Yadav Pandit and professor Dr. Ramesh Pandit to not to face any technical problem by announcing a clear report from the history.

The committee have to provide the clear information and list about all the members and officers from the date of establishment of NRNA America.

Likewise, if there will be any inturruption in the section of NRNA NCC, the report of the committee will be kept as a record in the secretariant office.

The meeting was concluded bt NRNA America’s chairman Dr. Keshab Poudel and the conference call programme was operated by secretary Sankhar Khadka.

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