Yubraj Singh’s candidacy for chairman of Nepal Public Relations Committee UK

Posted 11 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

Yubraj Singh has announced his candidacy for the post of chairman in Nepal Public Relations Committee in the UK which is going to be conducted in september 17.The convention was fixed to be on September as an unity of the Public relation committee which was divided into several groups from long time .

Singh was very active on the public relation committee .As the chairman of committee was Chetnath Khanal, Singh used to work as the secretary.Singh was also a representative of Nepal Congress’s 13th convention from UK.

He gave candidacy on several fields like in Nepal commerce campus, minbhawan’s chairman and was elected as a secretary of commerce campus .Singh worked as Regional Vice President of Kailali Area num. 4 in 2060.

Singh said that as the public relation committee Uk was in a state of divided and convention was also not conducted in time ,I gave my candidacy to collaborate everyone from the next convention.

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