Three Nepali died in South Korea in one week

Posted 9 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

Three Nepalese died in South Korea last week.Among those three, one died in an accident and other two committed sucide.

Dipak Singh of Kanchanpur had committed sucide on Tuesday.He was working on pig farm of Hoisang and committed sucide on the forest which was near to his company.As he was living there from 1 and half year, he was planning to change the company.He was frustated because the company was not approving his proposal.

Just one day before the sucide of Singh, Keshab Shrestha from Parbat also committed sucide .28 years old Shrestha committed sucide on the roof of his own company in Xunju. He went South Korea about 15 months ago.He mentioned about his physical weakness and rejection on holiday proposal by company in the sucide note .

Likewise, three days before Shrestha committed sucide, Gulmi’s Bishnu Prasad Ghimire died during work.Ghimire;s dead body will be brought in Nepal on friday.

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