NRNA America’s election postponed:Candidate seeked court for justice

Posted 3 years ago by Adarsha Devkota

NRNA NCC America’s election has been postponed.As the court issued an interim order to stop the entire election process, the committee has postponed the election till the further notice will be published.

The Tenesi court stopped the election on the subject of NRNA America’s adjacent election.The court said on its judgement of august 8 that “because of the election related issues in the court, we request you not to contuct the election of NRNA America on august 11 and 12.”

Candidate of chairman Gairi Joshi and candidate of General secretary Purba Chandra Baniya had requested to issue an interim order against the Election Commission for not including their name in candidates list.

As the final preparation for the election of august 11 and 12 were on process, such orders came from the court.

Likewise NRN ICC has submitted a report formed by the committee which was formed to investigte the qualification of NRNA America’s candidates, there was no reason to disagree about Joshi’s candidature.The ICC Secretariat meeting has approved the report submitted by the committee.

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