One Nepali student died in japan

Posted 10 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

A 26 years old boy named as Dambar Bahadur Gurung who went japan two years ago died on tuesday morning.

He was studying on Japan’s Kowoma Vocational College .He died on the place where he was sleeping. After returning from work on Monday evening, he had his meal and slept and shouted in the morning like something insane was happened in his body.As his friend asked him what happened to him, then he just said huu huu withoud any other voice.

Suddeny,they called the ambulance and while taking him to the hospital, the doctor said that his respiratory is stopped.As he was taken to the hospital for the treatment,the doctor said that he was already dead.

He used to work from 2 pm to the evening.His friend said that non of the diesease were detected before in his body. He was fit and fine.

Hospital has not informed the exact reason of his death.

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