One Nepali women absconded after cutting her lover’s hand

Posted 10 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

One Nepali women has cut down her lover’s hand for the reason of making relations with other women in South Korea.

According to the Korean media, they were on a living relation and she cut down his hand after giving the medicine of being uncousious. Police has not opened about from which country is her lover from.

The media quoted the head of the research department of the police office and said that as that women knew that her lover was close and having ongoing discussions with other women’s , they started fighting .

According to police ,While her lover was sleeping, she checked his phone and found many messages and calls with other womens and decided to do a crime by giving medicine of unconsiousenss.

After cutting hand of her lover, she informed to the police herself and police found her on drunk condition.Police called ambulance and took the wounded man to the hospital.they found the cut-off hand after 6 hours in store room.

Doctor joined his hand through surgery and the police is asking command to the court for her arrestment for attempting serious attack and absconded .

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