Election schedule published by NRNA Germany

Posted 11 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

NRNA Germany has publisized its upcoming convention’s work schedule.

According to the scedule published by NRNA Germany, candidate have to filed nomination from august 10 to 15 and the last date for returning candidacy is august 22.

The date of final candidates will be published in august 23 and NRN membership will be distributed in august 31 till 6 o’ clock.NRNA Germany’s chairman Nawaraj Rosyara said that the membership will be distributed online and the requirement for membership is they should have proof of being out of Nepal form 2 years .

According to Rosyara, election will be conducted in november 10 till 5 o’ clock.Six places like Fraknfort, hamberg, berlin, Munich, bemeneder jackson and NRB are specified for election .

                                                               NRNA Germany’s National Confession will be in hamburg on august 15.

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