Three years in Prison: Considered innocent but not Released

Posted 10 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

One Nepali has not been released from the jail of Saudi Arab as he is already proved as an innocent.He was on the jail from last 3 years for the case of murder.

Tikaram Sapkota was arrested for the investigation of the murder of Som Prasad Silwal.Both are the resident of chitwan. As the court of Saudi has already decleared him as an innocent, he is not released due to delay in further process.

Three years ago,Tikaram and Shatiullah Miya was arrested on the charge of murder of Somprasad.As Miya accepted that the murder was done by only him, the lower court announced that Tikaram is inocent.He is still not released because the decision of lower court is not accepted by appeal court .

According to consul General of Nepal in Saudi Arab Rewatiraman Poudel said that as the decision made by lower court will be valid only after the approval of appeal court .Pyuthan’s Shatiullah involved the name of Tikaram in murder to be secure to pay blood money.He accepted that the not guilty of Tikaram in last statement.

Consul General Poudel said the decision of lower court is not approved by appeal court because it is time of haj in saudi so one of judge is in vacation.We will talk to judge on the first week of august.As appeal court accepts the decision of lower court, he will be released.

                                                                     The dead body of that incident is stilll stranded.

Due to the personal disutes, Shatiullah killed Somprasad and burned him in the middle of the desert.Police suspected to Tikaram as well and arrested him.All three of them went Saudi on driving visa.

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