Ujjwol Thakuri got silver medal in USANKF National karate match in Virginia

Posted 3 years ago by Adarsha Devkota

On Saturday 29 july 2017, Ujjowal Thakuri got silver medal in America’s USANKF National Karate match which was held on Double Lottry Hotel Koger Center, Richmond, Virginia.

Ujjowal Thakuri participated on the match for the first time on the advance fight group of age 35 to 44.He was defeated by the national champion in the final match organized by American Karate Federation.

Likewise, He also have won the gold medal in different areas like Kaata, Fang kaata, fang breaking and many more.He got two guniuss world records as well.He won 16 gold medals in Naska and Iska, Kurobusi world class status and HK lee National taikwando matches.

It was his first time on USANKF nationl match and was able to get silver medal and made his country proud.

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