One Nepali died in South Korea

Posted 10 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

One Nepali died on sunday in South Korea while undergoing treatment on the hospital .He went South Korea 15 months before through APS.His name was Maila Tamang.He died while his treatment was going on on Sunchyanghyang hospital located in Chanan. He was just 25 years old .

According to the his friend Ramesh pun, doctor suspects that he died by the biting on insect named as Chindagi(kirna).He was working on the pig farm of Chungnam khwangchan region.Tamang was taken to the hospital by his boss when the symptoms like headache, vomiting and fever was seen.

According to the Korean media, the medical treatment for the disease caused by the biting of that insect(Chindagi) is still not found.according to Korean health concerns , 1 hundred 60 peoples are diseased and 19 peoples died.

His friend Ramesh said that his Father, mother, wife and 4 years old son is in Nepal.

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