Economic burden increased for the workers seeking for Foreign employment

Posted 10 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

The economic burden has been added for those who wants to go for foreign employment.The amount was increased and the rules were amended by foreign employment promotion board on Monday.

Earlier, foreign employment welfare fund was 1 thousand rupees but from Monday it has been increased to 1500 and 2500 rs.They have to pay 1500 rs for less than 3 years and for more than 3 years, they must pay 2500 rupees.

According to the Executive director of Board Raghuraj Kafle, the amount was increased because if someone dies or be disabled on foreign employment then they will get 7 lakhs rupees. 4 lakhs rupees has been added as a financial support as they used to give just 3 lakhs .

Through the latest update ,the number of people who goes abroad for foreign employment is about 2 thousand daily.Last year, around 3 lakhs 40 thousand Nepali youths went for foreign employment and 4 dead bodies comes to Nepal daily .

According to last fiscal year board, family of 9 hundred 72 peoples who died and disabled in foreign got 25 crore85 lakhs rupees as a financial support.The board used to provide atleast 15000 to 3 lakhs rupees.

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