NRNA European regional meet concluded with 15 points proclamation

Posted 11 months ago by Rabindra Ojha

The 10th Europe Regional meet of Non – Residential Nepalese Association (NRNA) and women conference was held in Frankfurt, Germany which made agreement to speak with Nepal government about the technical welfare of Nepalese living abroad and to launch special programs for the second generation NRNAs.

The two day meet held on July 29 and 30 Saturday and Sunday is expected to create act as soon as possible to provide citizenship to NRNs and also to provide the right path.Panel discussion and women conference was held on the last day of the meet.

The meet about financial sector led by former president of NRNA Jiva Lamichhane discussed about the role of NRNs for their financial investment in Nepal. In that meet it was notified that they are going to establish a microfinance company with combined investment. Nearly more than a dozen of participants agreed the decision and told that they are ready to be a part of this project.

Similarly discussions about language, literature and media were also included. They made a strong conclusion that each NCC should raise voice with the local government to establish school to teach Nepali language to the children living abroad.

The NRNs also decided that the second generation NRNs are ready for the primary process and they are ready to include them in the hotels and other fields conducted by NRN investment.

In the similar manner they also discussed about their role to help in the promotion of tourism industry in Nepal. They also presented that the better programs can attract more tourists in Nepal.

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