Radhika Gurung elected as a Chairman of NRNA Hongkong

Posted 10 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

Radhika Gurung has been elected as chairman for NRNA Hongkong.She was elected as another candidate Komal Thapa took her candidacy back from the election.

Like wise, for the post of vice-chairman Karma Gurung and Niranjan Gurung are elected and Prem lama has been elected as youth coordinator.Tika Rana has been elected as secretary,Gokarna Prasad Dhakal as Treasurer and for members, Kishor Kumar Gurung, Surendra man Ghale ,Bijaykumar Gurung, Basabtakumar Shrinet, Bhesmani Shrestha, Bijay Shrestha, Indra Binem ,Sima Thapa and Dharamkumar Gurung are there .

On the 6th convention of NRNA Hongkong, election was conducted for just two posts i.e. for general secretary and women coordinator.likewise, Kishan Rai won for general secretary and Anu rai for women coordinator .

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