Sharma and Sapkota’s candidacy for NRNA Netherlands chairman

Posted 10 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

NRNA Netherland’s seventh conference to be held on 3rd September  for 2017-19

Nepalese Staying in Foreign countries are taking this day as an important day as they can elect eligible candidate . Different unions are giving candidacy for this like Janasamparka Samiti Netherlands has elected Thakur Prasad Sharma (Manohari) as President and Prawashi Nepali Manch has decided Tika Ram Sapkota as their candidate.

Janasamparka Samiti appealed that they are supporting Thakur Prasad Sharma (Manohari) as President and Himal Gurung as ICC candidate who has committed for respectable participation of all people and to develop NRNA as a common organization and for the development of this organization and keeping its feelings alive and working together for the goodwill of Nepalese.

Similarly, Prawashi Nepali Manch also made a proclamation that this conference may become a conference of agreement and unity, Co-existence, respectable participation based election. After co-ordinating with all communities and different organizations, for a common concept in the future and objective based ‘Inclusive common group’ to be formed and their candidate for this election (2017-2019) is former president Tikaram Sapkota. They have selected Prem Baniya for the post of ICC.

                                                                                               Non Residential Nepalese union has also appealed to all Nepalese in Netherlands to take membership and renew membership by                                                                                                31st of July.

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