Bhattarai’s candidacy for NCC Qatar youth coordinator

Posted 11 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

Dilliram Bhattarai have announced his nomination for the youth coordinator of NRNA NCC Qatar.

Bhattarai said that his candidacy is for the coordination of 4 lakhs Nepalese youths living in Qatar.He was active in different social services through the different organizations form long time .He is chairman of Rupandehi-Qatar social service and active member of Parbat Youth service as well .

He said that his intention is to provide the information about his experience of working in Qatar for more than decades to the youths so that they dont need to face different problems which he faced there .

Bhattarai wants to complete the duties of ex coordinator which are left incomplete and also wants to aware the youths about different social issues of Quatar and coordinate them sincerely.

He hopes for the support from different organizations located in Doha as he already gave the information about his candidacy for the youth coordinator.

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