Bhupesh Runs Marathon for Campus Charity

Posted 3 years ago by Arjun Baral

canada final

People living in Dodhara Chandani face many hazards including floods, erosion and uncontrollable wildlife, plus harassment by southern border security forces.

Till today, the residents don’t have good access to education and health care. Despite the continuous effort to develop basic infrastructure, Bhanu Multiple Campus (the only campus in the region) neither has enough classroom, nor a library for the students.

For the first time in my life, I am preparing to run a half-marathon to raise money for the campus charity organized by Scotia Bank in Calgary, Canada. The charity is set up by the Calgary Nepalese Community Association (CNCA). Please join hands with me to support the only hope for higher education in Dodhara Chandani.

Your small contribution will be instrumental to making a difference in the life of many students in that region. Your donation via CNCA will be used to construct a library building, buy furniture, books and build the Campus.

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