Washington DC state of US includes Nepali in school curriculum

Posted 3 years ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Washington DC state of US includes Nepali in school curriculumThe State Government in Washington DC of America has included Nepali in the curriculum of academic institutions there.

Non Resident Nepali Mohan Gurung, Commissioner of the State Commission of Washington DC for Asia Pacific Affairs, said with this decision of the Washington DC government, academic institutions there have included the Nepali as the optional subject in the curriculum of higher secondary education targeting Nepali students.

Gurung, who is currently in Nepal, said the US-based academic institutions have introduced many subjects on multiple languages, but Nepali was yet to be included in the list of optional subjects. English is compulsory there.

Talking to RSS, he said the decision has paved the way for Nepali students to also read Nepali subject in the Washington DC. Presently over 10,000 Nepali speakers reside in Washington DC and of them 6000 are the Bhutanese refuges.

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