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“Water tap in each house and irrigation in each village” : Mitra Lal Parday

Posted 5 years ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

 Mitra Lal Parday

Born in a rural hilly Syuja VDC of Dang, Nepal, Mitra Lal Parday moved to Sunpur VDC during his childhood. He has completed MA, B.Ed. in English from Tribhuvan University.

Later in 2007, he moved to Europe for further education. As a member of a middle class farmer family, Parday experienced jumble of economic problems even in Europe. Beginning from hard times, he is staying in Poland for past 9 years. Pardey is the beginner of Water Campaign (Pani Aviyan) that is drawing attention of Nonresident Nepalese all over Europe. Currently, he is serving as a vice-president of NRN Poland and Vice president of International Nepalese Artist Society (INAS). Interview Nepal talked to Pardey who has dedicated his energy for the social cause. Excerpts:

What is ‘Pani Abhiyan’? What inspired you for this innovative idea?

I had a dream to do something notable for my villagers who faced severe shortage of water in their daily life. People were facing same problem for decades. There was sufficient water in 1 km distance but we were facing drought. I realized that it does not need to be a powerful people for a meaningful deed. I planned to use the money of common people living abroad for the benefit of common people inside the country.

For me, government is a group of clever people whom people have to flatter repeatedly. Moreover, we have to greet powerful people several times and they do commitments but no works. That is why we should initiate the works and the government will enter in to our planning. We hope Nepal government will listen the voice of this campaign too. We don’t need to complain against government because we cannot build our nation by condemning others.

It will be a model since a common man working abroad will be able to contribute for change. It will also inspire peoples in abroad to contribute for their community. I don’t have sufficient personal savings. I am working in debt but I have initiated this campaign in the day of my birthday.

This campaign is initiated with a thought of self-start. We will not compel anybody but encourage them for public interest. We have to prove that nothing is impossible if we are rich in vision.

Our main goal is to practically implement the slogan of ‘water tap in each house and irrigation in each village’. Though there are multiple challenges to convince people during social works, I always used to think to do something for reducing social problems. I envisioned the same problem for 20 years in my village which inspired me to initiate water campaign.

We have to leave a message that we can collect millions of fund voluntarily. We have to show the power of honesty which has ability to change whole world.

Who are the beneficiaries of this movement?

Water campaign is not alike a project that works for a particular place and terminated, it is a movement that inspires people to work themselves rather than condemning others. It believes in own effort rather than expecting from others.

Water campaign is a concept that develops the thought of developing our homeland from each corner of the world. We are getting well wishes and motivation from every sector. We have good support from our families too.

All the plants and animals are the beneficiaries of this campaign. Basically, 800 families from Sunpur, Dang are the direct beneficiaries of this campaign since it is the first village we are working in.

How much amount of money is collected till now and who are the expected contributors in this movement?

We have received commitment of around 1.6 million voluntarily among which 600
thousand rupees has been deposited in our bank account. This campaign needs support in governmental, nongovernmental and the individual level. Our vision advocates practical action in spite of a number of meetings.

How do you guarantee the transparency of collected money?

Every single penny is transparent. Every transaction is being done through banking process. I myself and the whole committee are responsible for it. As it is a voluntary campaign, everybody from everywhere have right to get information.

We have to show the power of honesty to the society basically to those whose belief in honesty has faded away. The donors are exposing. We are getting lots of commitments. We have publicized collected fund. There is no chance of misuse of money.

Good and bad memories regarding the movement.

The best side of my experience is the inspiration from every sector. We are inspired by the thought that if we have a rich thought we can get necessary grants for social deeds. Our attitude towards society is becoming more positive.

I have not slept for several nights and have left my tasks for many days. Unidentified people have scolded me stating, “It is just for misusing grants.” But when they understood the real concept, they have become ready to grant. Water campaign does not hurt any people but it requires sacrifice to get succeed.

So that, I have promised for not to return to my homeland, not to vote and not to get participated in any sort of elections until we can make ten million rupees that is sufficient to fulfil the slogan in the first village.

What is your message and request for the people all around the world?

I am not begging vote for promoting anybody. I am begging voluntary grant for water which can make all of us victorious and happy. We have a strong belief that all organizations, political parties and government will pay due attention to this campaign and assist for its success. In fact, if there is water, we will all get benefit. It is beneficial for all humans.

This campaign transcends all the boundaries like nation, religion, politics and geography. People have to lose nothing in this campaign. This campaign is common attempt for common interest.

I request you all to take initiation in water campaign. We hope this campaign will make our villages green. Thirsty people will get water.

Long Live Water Campaign!

How can people take part in this campaign?

They can contribute economically by sending voluntary amount to Nepal Bank Limited Account no. 02700106204173000001 in the name of sunpur khanepani tatha sarsafai upabhokta samiti. They also can inspire us with meaningful suggestions.

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